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Saturday, January 5, 2013; comments

みなさん、こんばんわ!! 今日オレとやすくん、タイを食べました。

(Evening!! Today Yasu and I ate Thai food.)

Before I start, let us address the post preview up there. Yes, I did use a blingee on my picture. But more importantly, I HAVE A NEW CAMERA.

It's an Olympus SZ-12 and was gifted to me by my lovely hubby Yasu for christmas~
He surprised me with it today after not seeing each other since thanksgiving. I kind of feel like my gift was shitty in comparison, but he likes it so that's all that matters, right?

I've been messing with it all day and took a bunch of pictures, so have my face to start off with:

I promised Yasu we'd go eat at our fave Thai place next time we met up, but we were on a schedule so we got it to go instead.

I got the Tom Kha like last time, a bowl of Tom Yum, Crispy Tofu. Yasu ordered the Red & Green Currys, and we split some Calamari & Cream Cheese Rolls.
Oh, and Yasu saved me a B&J Fuzzy Navel.. deliciousss

Since I got paid the other day, I decided to invest in some more comfortable shoes to wear to work. And since I'm not really a sneakers person, not that they're allowed at work anyway, I got some flats yesterday.

Ballerina Flats
$12 @ Rue21

On top of those, Yasu gave me a pair that didn't fit him quite right. And my god. I love these. They're grey, they're studded, they sparkle. I just-- SDFGHJK ♥♥♥

Studded Flats
$10??? @ CATO

So that was my day~
How have your weekends been going?


❤ オート

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