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Friday, November 16, 2012; comments
 Before we start, how 'bout some blog tunes?

Over the last half a year I've taken a fuckton of pictures, only to transfer them to my computer and stare at them lazily. I would post all of them, but the idea of posting things MONTHS after they happened makes me cringe, haha. So I'll post the most recent stuff (within the last month) and continue on from there~

■ ■ ■

 So this year I found out that Yasu's mummy's birthday is a couple weeks before mine! She invited my mother and I out clubbing to celebrate with them, and of course I went all out. I was actually a good bit overdressed, but meh. I looked good.

Dress & Shoes → Burlington Coat Factory


Camwhoring with the hubby~

Please excuse Yappi's hand. I only took one photo of the club lol. We spent most of the time talking about the band and watching my mother be awesome on the dance floor.

 ■ ■ ■

 About a week ago I landed an interview for rue21. I needed a ride there and didn't really want to be alone, so I asked Yasu to come with me. We got there a couple hours early and killed some time in Old Navy and Ulta. Oh! and I got an Ulta Club card~ I feel special
 After my interview we went back to my place so I could change, and then headed out to our new favorite Thai restaurant.
 「Thai Coffee」
 「Thai Tea」

 「Fried Calamari」
 「Cream Cheese Rolls」
 「Tom Kha」
 「Red Curry」
 「Mango Fried Ice Cream」
「Green Tea Ice Cream with Sticky Rice」

 Im surprised we managed to forget to take pictures together the entire day. What can I say? We're winners   


 ■ ᴏᴛᴛᴏ

  PS. I've got a new URL! Also, please excuse the cruddy layout for now orz;;

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