「video」 Quick Loose Curls + BlogLovin'
Wednesday, May 1, 2013; comments


So lets talk about BlogLovin' real quick. From what I understand Google Reader/Friend Connect is biting the dust, so a lot of people have been transferring to bloglovin'. I've been too lazy to go through my followed blogs and re-follow them until just recently, but I finally did! I've also added mine on there so if you want to
・゚✧ Follow Your Dreams ✧ ・゚

Onto the video:

I've decided to actually start using my youtube account, since
1. There's no point in having a dead one
2. I've got a nice camera now, so I can make videos that dont make me cringe at the quality!

I was prepping to do a long overdue lens review but the weather was questioning its life choices, so I just recorded my hair styling. I've been using Camtasia Studio and after fucking around with it for a couple school projects, I gotta say I really like it! So I threw some fancy shit in this video, but overall I kept it pretty straight forward.

Oh yea, lemme know how you feel about the voice over! I only did it because I was being lazy lol but if it works, then coo'

Lemme know what you think!
And since Im finally free from Uni for a few months if you want to see a video on anything suggest away! I need shit to do man orz;;


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