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Wednesday, March 6, 2013; comments

I did it. I finally got off my ass and changed my layout.
Sorry if you came to the blog while it was in chaos mode. I used a template and had to stop halfway through my editing to go to work lol.
I'm not quite done adjusting little things here and there, but the bulk of it is finished! If you see anything out of whack let me know orz;;
(disqus is a piece of poop so no comments for now)

Funfact: the images in the header, sidebar, and about page are drawn by me (for those of you that didnt know that I art)

I have a shit ton of pictures to edit and posts to write up. I've been busy going out and doing a lot of things, and I want to shareeee. But this is me we're talking about, so who know's when you'll see that, huh?

... sorry Im such a lazy butt guys, rolling out of bed is so hard to do when its cold outside :I


*** SO I cahnged it to a default blogger template, because disqus wasn't cooperating. I may change it back to the cuter one, once I sort out the comments situation orz;;

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