「video」 Finished Handmade Wig
Thursday, December 13, 2012; comments

I finished making that wig! Finally, dammit. So much blood sweat and tears went into it, and I'm glad that it's all over. I managed to film how I layered and shaped it, so if you want to see check under the cut

Before I get into all the pictures, I want to apologize for not being able to show you guys the process of actually making the wig. I get into a zone and I always find myself almost done by the time I even think about my camera lol.

Unlike the other wigs I've made (two of them), this one is completely sewn, save for the closure, onto a fitted spandex cap. I havent added clips to it yet, but since it's fitted specifically to my head, it doesnt move around unless im being particulary ridiculous ;D

From the top (literally):

The closure. Not as good as the one on my last wig, but it's easily fixable if I get annoyed by it enough.

Anyway, the wig is 14 inches long, and made with two full packs of hair (12&14 inches respectively). The hair is from an obscure off brand, so I was hesitant to buy it at first.. but I was confident in my ability to fix it if it got damaged. As conceited as that sounds
Which is a good thing, because it only cost me $25!!

The back. I absolutely love the way this hair feels. I've bought hair for more money that felt worse to be honest. And it doesn't tangle or shed very much at all! Some shedding is natural since I did have to cut the wefts a few times, but for it to not tangle on me is just mindblowing. Especially after leaving it curled all day.

All in all, I lovelovelove this wig and I'm pretty proud of myself! Let me know what you think!


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