[review] Freetress Equal Lace Front & Ebay Bob Wig
Friday, November 30, 2012; comments

I hope you didn't think my love for wigs has diminished even the tiniest bit since I've been gone. If anything, it's gotten even stronger. I've bought a few wigs since my last updates and have saved some pictures to share with you guys

Freetress Equal Lacefront

I forget the name of this beautiful wig, as well as the store I ordered it from (it's been almost a year now), but it looked better on everyone else I saw it on but me orz;;

I mean, look at it-- those curls are absolutely gorgeous!
It's a 14 inch heat resistant synthetic wig. I ordered it in a 2 (or a 1B if it wasnt in stock) and ended up getting a 1, unfortunately. I believe it was around $45.00

Of course if you know me, my true test for a wig is if I can straighten it and still love it. I can't keep myself from reshaping my wigs after I have them for a while.
This wig in particular had such a terrible shape... just. Augh. I didnt even take pictures I was so intent on fixing the awful layers it had.

I did manage to trim it into something I liked~

eBay Bob Wig

I ordered this wig from a random Chinese shop on eBay a couple weeks ago. I wanted something short and cute, and I found this~
It was $8.00 shipped, and got to me in under 2 weeks like all my eBay packages do

(FOTD from work on Black Friday)


■ ᴏᴛᴛᴏ

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