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Sunday, November 6, 2011; comments
Hello lovelies~

First order of business:

I dont know how many of you follow me on twitter, but I just want to let you guys know that I made a new one specifically for this here blog of mine. The old one was my general account for everything, so it was chock full of art related stuff, music, ramvlings, and whatever I posted on my LJ lol. So I decided to make a shiny new one.

Feel free to talk to me anytime, peeps! :D

@ottobomber →


I hung out with my buddies NIL & Yasu yet again yesterday~ I didnt take a picture of my makeup because I wasnt really wearing any lol. But I'll list the products I used just for you guys:

. Covergirl Invisible concealer [Honey]
. Covergirl Naturally Luminous loose Powder
. Mary Kay Signature Velvet Mousse Cheek Color [Rosy]
. IMAN Blush [Rust]
. bareMinerals All-Over Face Color [Pure Radiance]
. NYC Duo [Hot Chocolate]
. wet n' wild MegaVolume Mascara
. wet n' wild Lipstick [521A]


I finally got around to wearing that blue nail polish from my KMart Mini Haul, and I really like it! The color is so bright and intense with just one coat, and they really do mean "fast dry", man.

wet n' wild Fast Dry nail polish [Saved by the Blue]

aaand in place of mine, have NIL's FOTD:

Unf. You wish your hubby was this sexy. rawr ♥

Well that was my day.
Until Next time peeps,

► Alex.

***Oh yeah, I'm thinking of changing the header picture. Maybe something dorky and awesome :D

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