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Friday, November 18, 2011; comments
Sup peeps?

Yesterday I went out with my friends Janine (who I hadn't seen in at least 2 years), Monte, & Z (I'm calling her Z because god help me I dont know how to spell her name lmao). We went to H Mart (Korean megamart), then hightailed it to the mall for some ridiculous fun.



Makeup Used:

. Revlon Colorstay Foundation [400 Caramel]
. Covergirl Invisible concealer [Honey]
. L'Oreal Wear Infinite Matte Shadow [Bark]
. Mary Kay Signature Velvet Mousse Cheek Color [Rosy]
. Jordana FabuLiner [Black]
. wet n' wild MegaVolume Mascara
. wet n' wild Lipstick [512A]



Z → Janine → Monte

This amused me probably more than it should have xD

Janine ♥

The wind coasted this box straight into the parking space. It was a good space too! I hope no one wanted it~

Coco Bun!

Thai Bubble tea!

Tried on some shoes.

This is how you wear lingerie. Get with it, peeps.

Monte is a master cameraman, guys. Watch out xD

I leave you with moustaches~ ;D

Til next time,

► Alex

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