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Friday, October 14, 2011; comments
Hello hello~ long time no see, eh? Doubt many of you noticed or cared though, haha.

Normally this would be a quick "sorry I've been gone; things are coming soon" post, only for me to vanish for another few months, but not this time! Im really trying to get better at posting everything I buy/do, and to prove it I've got a bundle of pictures i took over the last month or so to show you!

♚ ♚ ♚


I went out with NIL and Yasu to have delicious korean food, and just generally have a good time. This was my makeup for the day:

I didnt get a picture of NIL's food (which i regret), and Yasu and I both ordered Bulgogi:

I also bought some pastries, but by the time i thought to take pictures they were gone. Maybe I'll remember next time... doubt it.


Yasu's friend Jenny came to stay with him from Germany for a couple weeks. She ended up going home early, but before she left we (Yasu, NIL, Jenny & I) went to the mall to help her get some souvenirs and last minute things for herself.

Yacchi ♥

(Me, NIL, & Jenny)

Before we left we stopped at the food court for some Panda Express. Unfortunately it was almost closing time and the whole area was mega-dark. So my camera boycotted and refused to take any good pictures of the food we ate >:U

But I got a nice picture of the carousel~

♚ ♚ ♚


These are all the important things i either bought or was given over the last month. Mostly nail polish now that i think about it.

***Im tying to take less boring pictures. Lemme know if they look alright ;D

Victorian-esque drop earrings [$2]

Star drop earrings [$2]

Various striped chunky studs [$1]

Feather earrings [$1]

Color Concept nail polish [#13 & #11]

The Color Workshop nailpolish [Naka]

Absolute! nail polish [Light Blue]

Wild and Crazy nail polish [Twilight]

Charlotte Russe nail polish [Brown Sugar]

wet n' wild trio [Cool As A Cucumber]

Well, that's all the blog-worthy stuff I did over the last month. I live a pretty boring life, I know. But it's all good.

♚ Alex

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