. The most epic and ridiculously gaudy platinum wig EVAAAAAAAAAR .
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Yes, i managed to get enough money to order the wig from my previous post the day after i posted that, actually haha. How did i do this? By selling my soul taking some quick art commissions on my deviantart... so basically selling my soul.

I bought it from an ebay store based in Hong Kong for $13 + free shipping. It was supposed to take 2 or more weeks to get here, but it got here in a week! I just love it when packages arrive early, dont you?

Im gonna be honest with you: when the excitement of ordering it passed, I was mega paranoid that the blonde wouldnt look good on me and started regreting my decision. When i first put it on i was really disappointed for the following reasons:

- It's more of a yellow/gold blonde than the actual platinum the picture suggested
- The part is very unnatural and shows part of the cap underneath

But! After getting over the initial shock of seeing blonde on my head instead of my usual dark browns/blacks, i quickly started seeing more pros than cons. While it's not as "straight up white" as i wanted, i like the slight color to it.

Unfortunately i really dont like the part, and im trying to find a way around it, but for now hats do wonders. It sheds like a mofucker though. But ive never worn a long wig that didnt, so im hoping this is temporary.

All in all, i adore this wig ♥
I'll have better pictures soon. Maybe i'll do something dramatic ;D

♚ Alex

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