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Friday, December 10, 2010; comments
Hello hello~!

I have some time to myself today, so im gonna use it to share some stuff i got from elf last month, along with a couple of lipsticks i bought this week. First up, Elf stuff~

This was the first time i had ever ordered from elf, and i was very happy with the entire experience. The prices are, UNBEATABLE, the service was great, and the shipping was a lot quicker than i expected it to be. I was a bit worried that the makeup itself was going to be true to its value-- if not worse-- since practically everything was just a dollar, but elf proved me wrong! I was definitely impressed and i almost feel bad that i spent so little... almost ;D

This was the package it came in:

The site said it'd take at least 2 weeks to be sent and arrive, but it came in a week, so i was pretty stoked about that xD

They put your stuff in this cool elf bag~

The first thing i got (what i went to the site for in the first place lmao) was their eyeshadow primer

I wasnt expecting much from this, mostly because it was a dollar, but also because i just wanted something that could hold me over until i got something better like UDPP. But like i said earlier, elf proved me wrong. It makes my shadows show up better (not like magic, but the difference is there) and it keeps my shadows from creasing for a good 6-7 hours c:

Next is their face primer, which i LOVELOVELOVE!

I wanted to try it out because...

1) the packaging is awesome xD
2) Ive heard good things about face primers in general and i figured if i was gonna try some I'd start with something cheap.

I really like this... like, reallllly like this. It smooths out my face really well and makes my foundation/concealer look more natural. It also makes the overall application a whole lot easier.
So yeah, i recommend this intensely.
Ive heard a lot of complaints about people running out too quickly, but i dont use it everyday, and even then i dont use much so i cant complain.

I also got two of their "Luscious Liquid Lipsticks": Baby Lips & Maple Sugar

Contrary to their description on the site, theses arent very pigmented at all. Baby Lips is a very sheer pink... almost like a clear gloss, and Maple Sugar is more nude but again, very sheer.
Either way, i like them alot and i'd definitely get some more colors C:

And last, is the "Super Glossy Lip Shine" with SPF 15 in Juiced Berry

I LOVE THIS GLOSS! Its pretty thick, but surprisingly not sticky. I dont have a picture to show you, but it has a nice color to it, instead of just being clear. It stays on for a really long time too xD

Oh! I also got this all over "facial whip" as a free gift with my order...

I really dont have anything good to say about this lmao;;; Im determined to find a use for this, so i'll let you know when i do xD

So yeah, that's what i got from elf~
Till next time,

♣ Alex

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