Christmas stuff~!
Monday, December 27, 2010; comments

I hope everyone's having an awesome holiday so far~! Christmas down, New Years to go!
I got some cool stuff for Xmas, though my mom tends to give me practical things instead of random gifts xD

It snowed christmas night xDD (backwards right?) Its not much, but its enough that it even snowed down here lmao

My Christmas FOTD:

I dont like wearing red lips because it makes me look awkward, but i felt like being christmas-y so i tried it. Im still not sold on the lips, but i loved the eyes ;D

Whatever, onto gifts~
First up is this UBER SEXY SMELLING Victoria's Secret body set in "Love Spell".
The scent is Cherry Blossom, Peach & White Jasmine and it smells DIVINE. Ive been finding excuses to spray myself all day lmao;;;

I also got these cute pjs C:
The pants are a bit short, but they're really soft and comfy, and i really like the color. I got a shirt and some boots too, but i forgot to take a picture of them Dx

Keeping with the Victoria's Secret trend here, I got a set of 6 of their Beauty RUSH glosses... im really loving VS right now xDD
The colors are really pretty and they smell DELICIOUS. Each one smells like their name.. if that makes sense?

Colors left-to-right: Sweet Gleam, Tiny Bubbles, Hottie Cider, Cookie Kiss, Dandy Cane & Double Truffle

Swatch: (same order)

Next, my brother went all out this year and got me some MAC stuff ♥♥♥
First: The Reelers & Rockers shadow set

I FINALLY have MAC Carbon!! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ *flips desk*

Second: the Warm Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitter set

I had some money left over from gift shopping on friday, so i got some stuff for myself...

A couple of e.l.f brushes [shadow brush & eyeliner brush]

and a Wet n Wild Megaslicks lip gloss in "Sinless" [C578]

its a cute icy pink that i think looks best over a nudy pink lippy c; (at least, that's how ive been using it lol)

So that's it! I was gonna make some new extensions today, and i had everything ready to do it! Unfortunately, the pack of hair i bought wasnt what i needed so im gonna have to wait until i can exchange it for a new pack before i can make them ( ̄へ ̄)
It was a good pack too... 20" of heat resistant (up to 140 degrees) hair for $10

Ah well... Until next time,

♣ Alex

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