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Monday, December 27, 2010; comments
Hello hello~!

This was just gonna be a quick response to ★DESIRE's "New Year, New You?" post on her blog (here). But i guess it'd be fun to share what i plan on doing this year c:

- Study Japanese & Korean religiously like i used to
- Work at defining my art style and putting more effort into my works
- GET A JOB (though that's more of a goal... and its not my fault no one's hiring ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ )

(If i dont actually get them so be it lol)

♣ Face
- Clearer Skin w/ no acne scars Dx

♣ Hair
- A lighter color (kinda honey brown/blonde)
- Some more Hair One
- New extensions (gonna make those soon, maybe i'll do a tut ;D)
- Maybe a new wig too, but that's might be pushing it trololol;;;

♣ Clothes
- Really, a new wardrobe in general... but specifically some cool Fobby clothes


♣ Face & Makeup ♣

[MAC Lip Erase]

♣ Hair ♣

♣ Clothes ♣

So that's what i want. Im hoping the new year will be better for me than this year was... for job searching as well as some other personal stuff. I cant say im excited (i dont think i've even been), but i'll take it as it comes.

What do you guys want this year?! Any awesome youth-filled resolutions?! Comment and let me know, i'd love to hear \(゚▽゚ )

♣ Alex

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