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Tuesday, May 10, 2011; comments
Im back from trying to fix my unemployment situation. It's still not fixed.

CVS has done it again. They've told me one thing while doing another. This is the second time this has happened, and frankly, im tired of it. Either they're not very organized, or they could care less about the hope they give to people that apply only to crush it later.

CVS' douche-baggery aside, i applied to the nearest QuikTrip. They are indeed hiring (thankfully one of the managers was at the cash register) and i grabbed an application. The process takes 3-4 weeks, but that's better than them ignoring/lying to me. I'll drop it off later and play the waiting game~

The walk was just as dreadful as i thought it'd be lol
I made it a little better by calling my bestie (check out her blog here), but it was hot and it doesnt help that my neighborhood doesnt believe in shade or trees OTL;;
I went for a natural look today:

- foundation mixed with moisturizer for a "tinted moisturizer effect"
- concealer only under the eyes
- tighlined (liner only on the upper waterline)
- mascara
- nude lip & clear gloss

... but i was in a rush to leave, so i forgot to take a pic. So you get my freshly cleaned acne scar ridden FOTD ;D

Man, i love these shades xD

♚ Alex

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