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Tuesday, May 10, 2011; comments
Title is a reference to Amnesia. Awesome game. Has nothing to do with this post.

Last Friday i stopped by CVS for some stuff for my mom and decided to ask if they were hiring. Now, Ive been looking for a job for about 2 years, and i've applied to CVS at least 3-4 times (since their applications expire after 3 months), so i wasnt expecting much. But! The assistant manager there took my name and phone number and pretty much guranteed that if i called/came in this tuesday (aka today... TADA~) the hiring manager would go over my application with me, and we'd take it from there.

My problem-- well, problems-- are
1) This isnt the first time they've told me this (ie; im still unemployed)
2) Getting there OTL;;

I dont live in the city anymore. I dont have the convenience of trains and buses that get me where i need to go in minutes. Here, it's either you've got a car, or you walk. Thankfully the CVS im going to is right up the street from my neighborhood, but as close as it is, it's still a 25-30 minute walk both ways. Did i mention it's gonna be 87-90 degrees today?

I've made the trek walk before, but i hate it so much.

Ah well, i need a job

♚ Alex


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