Fancy Pocket Mini Haul
Friday, November 19, 2010; comments

And by mini, i mean two things lol...

I love the jewelry at Fancy Pocket and i love their prices even more, so when i got some money for my birthday i realized that ordering some new stuff was a must! This is the second time i have ordered from them, and the experience was just as great as the last. My order was processed within days, and with shipping my overall wait time was a week before the package arrived at my door. Onto the picspam!

The super-sealed package:

The earrings came in these adorable little bags (≧▽≦)

The earrings: [Hot Pink & White Checkered Studs] + [Black Skull Ear Cuff w/ Stars]

And it all came in this awesome bag~

Its always a pleasure ordering from Fancy Pocket *U*. The studs are actually pretty big. I mean-- i knew already but woah.. and they're pretty bright too! I wish i couldve taken a better picture, but my camera doesnt believe in focusing lmao;;
I ADORE the ear cuffs so much! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ *flips 'em in a fit of happy*
They're SO much cuter in person, and the stars are tiiiiny (e u e) ♥♥♥

Well, that's it. I actually ordered another set of studs, but they went out of stock after i ordered, so they sent me my money back xDD
Till next time,

♣ Alex

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