A Pretty Big Leap + FOTD
Thursday, March 25, 2010; comments
A good thing to know about me is that i love all things Japanese and Korean-- music especially-- and that i'd do anything to go to either country one day C:
That said, have you heard about Shizuku Entertainment?

They're a new company (but pretty darn legit from everything ive seen) that trains artists similar to how they do it in Korea before debuting them in china, japan, Korea, or here in the US. This is such an awesome opportunity that i just didnt want to pass up (even though im still a bit iffy) so i sent in an audition today. Im nervous about whether or not i'll get in and if it's a good idea to just throw myself out there when im not even 75% sure of what im doing exactly, but at the same time im excited because you never know what can happen, right?

Anyway, i wanted to share that because it's been on my mind.
Wish me luck??? *U*

Also, you may have noticed the new banner! I finally decided to just throw some pictures together and be done with it, so i did. I like it~! It came out better than i though it would LMAO;;;

and my... FOTD!!

Just some basic makeup from the pics i took for the banner C:

★ otto

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