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So remember that entertainment company i mentioned in my previous post? Well the CEO (Dom) held a live video conference on Ustream tonight to introduce some artists and just talk about the company in general. It was-- hands down-- the greatest meeting ive ever seen xDD
And im sure NIL canback me up on this too ROFL

Dom's so laid back, which is amazing because there's so much going on with the company (since its new of course), yet he takes care of all aspects of Shizuku so perfectly! Watching him joke around with the artists was so much fun to watch, and its safe to say i no longer have any doubts or aprehensions about wanting to join this company.

So now that ive decided that i want in, i guess the hardest part now would be auditioning and getting in right? I sent in a modeling audition (which Dom told me that he recieved) and personally, modeling isnt my most important goal, but right now its stronger than my singing so its only natural to go with my strengths right? (though its not THAT strong now that i think about it... OTL;;;)
I want to send in a singing audition anyway, just to show that im willing to try, because i really want this. I do. Ive always loved music and the feeling you get from performing (i was in chorus and plays thoroughout most of elementary and middle school), but never thought that i had the talent to actually get myself out there cuz lets face it-- here in the US, you're either good or you're out. But now there's at least a small chance that i can fulfill this want and i want to do everything i can to make sure it doesnt slip away.

Anyway, enough of this. Have a random pic:

You know you love the HoboChic!

★ otto

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