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Monday, October 24, 2011; comments

Today my mom and I went out to take care of some uni business and run some errands. I wasn't expecting her to buy me anything for my birthday, but since it's a week away it makes sense. I got some sweaters, jeans, a pair of sexyawesome shoes, and a bag.

♚ ♚ ♚

Kathy Van Zeeland Zebra print Purse [$40]

Nine West Heels [$29]

I dont normally like peep-toe shoes, but these were too nice for me to pass up. Unfortunately the only size 8 was a lone shoe with no pair, so I had to get a size 9 instead. Im hoping I can find the right size at another location, if not I'll just get some gel insoles to make them snug~ ;D

Sacrifices must be made for bitchin' shoes lmao

♚ ♚ ♚

My makeup of the day. Brown shadow on the lid, with some blush through the crease. (I dont wear blush, so what better way to use it? :D )

Makeup Used:

. elf Tinted Moisturizer [Almond]
. Covergirl Concealer [Honey]
. Lancome Pressed Powder
. Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad
. IMAN Blush [Rust]
. wet n' wild MegaVolume Mascara
. Elizabeth Arden Lipstick [Tumble]
. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss [Dandy Cane]

До следующего раза loves,
(until next time)

♚ Alex

***I used google translate so if the Russian is wrong, sorry xD

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