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Friday, August 26, 2011; comments
Yesterday I went to get my glasses tightened with NIL. On the way back we stopped by one of the many many beauty supply stores (BSS) in the area. So I picked up a few things:

Wild and Crazy nail polish [Giggalo]

It's pretty bright.. really bright actually (lmao;;) but i love the color. Plus it goes on really easy and dries quickly. Im only wearing one coat in the picture~

Fishbone Earrings

They're shiny. They're dangly. They were a dollar... Hells yea.

Santèe Lengthening Eyeliner [Black]

I havent used it yet, aside from swiping it on the back of my hand a few times, but i have high hopes for this. Well not high, decent i guess. The brush is really thin and the liner is blacker than the blackest void. It takes a while to dry, but the lines i drew on my hand hours ago havent even begun to fade yet, so i say it's worth it.

Kleancolor Waterproof Eyeliners [Seafoam Green & Lime Green]

I already have this type of liner in purple, so i was just stocking up in more colors. They're very soft and smooth so they go on easy and blend well. They come off easily too, so that's a plus. really, the only thing i can complain about is that they dont have more colors to choose from. Though it might just be that specific BSS...

- - -

It should be here in the next week or so. Im pretty excited, but kinda 'meeeeh' about it, since im not sure if i'll like blonde/platinum on me. Ah well, i wont know until i try it out, right?

♚ Alex

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