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Tuesday, June 28, 2011; comments

Got my hair relaxed yesterday. It was looooooong overdue OTL;;
I still want to know the secrets to keeping your hair "supa-salon sexy" even after you leave. I hate having to wash my hair after i get it done, knowing i wont get the same effect until the next time i go ;A;
Anyway, the back of my hair almost reaches the top of my collarbone, so im super excited. Who knows, the front might catch up by winter! (´థ v థ`*)

Also, my face is clearing up nicely~
I give it about a week before it's back to normal and blemish free.

Oh! Starting the end of July, I'll have a job watching a couple kids and cheauffeuring them around for however many bucks a week. I wont make that much, but it'll help hold me over until someone hires somewhere. So that's one more good thing c:

My mom suggested I open up an online store here on blogspot. Ive seen a lot of successful ones, but im not sure I could do it myself :/
If anyone would be interested in beauty stuff being sold here, let me know!

Life is going good for now~

♚ Alex

- - -

Not sure if i mentioned it here, but im a MAJOR otaku. Love my animu and manga ♥
I hadn't been watching it for a while, but i started up again because some really good new series' have come out. One series that really stood out to me was Deadman Wonderland.
I was a bit hesitant to watch it at first since i thought it'd just be mindless violence like Gantz, but i was pleasantly surprised... well, not pleasantly-- it's not for the faint of heart. At all. xD
But i got hooked on the 11 episodes that are out, and ive been blasting the OP for two days now:

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