Happy Belated Birthday to Me!!
Wednesday, November 3, 2010; comments
LOL like the title of this post says my birthday passed (Oct 31). It was pretty fun! I didnt do much, but i hung out with my bestie the whole day and my mom gave me some money to splurge with 8D

Speaking of money i bought a few shirts and some new makeup that i'll do some reviews on when i get the chance. Also, a couple of months ago I ordered a bottle of conditioner i read about online, so that's another review that should be coming your way soon.

I've been thinking of ordering some clothes from Wholesale-dress.net since they've got some REALLY cute stuff for awesome prices, but ive never ordered clothes online before (let alone from such a far place) so im a bit iffy Dx but if i do order from them i'll post my experience here~

Enough updates, time to get my pics together xDD

★ otto
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