EOS G204 Brown 14.5mm Circle Lens Review
Thursday, March 18, 2010; comments

I just recently ordered these EOS G204 Brown (i couldnt find the ad, so i dont know the name of the series OTL;;) lenses from MyCandyEyes, and I LOVE them!! ♥

Since they're my first pair of circle lenses, i wanted something that wouldnt be too noticable-- something natural... minus the enlarging factor anyway xD
And that's exactly what i got. It's a lighter brown than i thought it'd be, but it isnt too light on my eyes, which i like. As far as enlargment its not too big (another plus), but it doesnt look like your average eye size either... does that make sense? LOL
I may go bigger in the future, but for now this is perfect.

Uh... comfort. I forget they're there... ALL THE TIME 8D
A good chunk of why i went with EOS instead of GEO or Dueba is because of all the great things i heard about the comfort and long wear time of their lenses. It definately lived up to my expectations and im definately buying my future lenses from them.

Another great thing was the price. I searched for a while before i finally decided to buy my lenses from MyCandyEyes (about a month) and on many sites i found that the general price was $30 or more and the shipping made it even higher. Unfortunately, im not made of money so those prices were a bit steep. I did find alot of places that did batch orders for pretty cheap prices, but i didnt like the idea of waiting 4+ weeks for my package Dx
So, after weeks of seemingly endless searching i finally came across MyCandyEyes! ALL Lenses $20?! Free Shipping in the US?! 2 Week shipping?! I cant even begin to tell you how happy i was~! The jew inside me was doing backflips... no offense meant to jewish people and those that do backflips of course ♥

So after deciding which lenses i wanted-- there were ALOT to choose from, GEO as well as EOS-- i placed my only $20 order and waited for my package. My lenses arrived within 2 weeks as promised without any problems. The people at MCE were really helpful with any questions i had and responded usually within the same hour i contacted them.

Anyway, enough of my rambling,time for some PICSPAM!!

Taken out of the packaging:

In the vials:

Lens case (came free with the lenses :D):

Left: size comparison | Right: both lenses in

Color: 9/10
Enlargement: 10/10
Comfort: 10/10
Overall: 9.8/10

To sum up this review: I really like these lenses and im glad i bought them. They're super comfortable and i love the way they look so get ready to see them in almost every picture i take xDDD

Till next time peeps~
★ otto

p.s. Like the hair?? Its my ULZZANG wig LMAO;;;

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